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Worship Team & Platform Schedule


This page will be updated whenever new information is provided.  Scriptures or songs may be changed due to last minute changes to the speaker or worship leader.


Platform Scheduling Coordinator

Bulletin Secretary

Josh Dobson

Josh Dobson (interim)

Children Story Coordinator

These are scheduled for the 1st and 3rd weekends of each month.

Nancy Byers
Scripture Coordinator Presiding Elder

Speaker Coordinator

Any special guest speakers need to be approved by the Pastor in advance.

Jim Hiner, Jr.
Worship Leader Coordinator Cherie Michals

Worship Leaders / Choristers

While we are in the process of introducing new songs, the "special music" segment will now be scheduled by the Elders until further notice.  If you have a suggestion, please see Connie Dobson.

Week 1: Judy Simons, Roy Merrifield, Cherie Michals

Week 2: Janet Bennett, Lincoln Bennett

Week 3: Carlos Brown

Week 4: Linda Denton

Week 5: Dera Burt

Group Worship Songs / Special Music Coordinator

This is scheduled for the 2nd, 4th, and 5th weekends of each month.

Connie Dobson
Musician Coordinator Kimberly Hill

Kimberly Hill

Nancy Byers

Kim Warren

Carolyn Sutton

Audio Visual & Video Production Team

If you have any requests regarding the normal operations of our A/V department, please see Tevin Young.

If you have any special requests regarding videos or presentations, please see Josh Dobson.

Tevin Young - A/V operations manager

Josh Dobson - media director

Taylor Pirkle

Lloyd Denton, Jr.

Emma Dobson

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